Welcome Back to the Mind of Minolta

If you remember the slogan “From the mind of Minolta” you are home now. Minolta cameras and lens hold a special place in photographer’s hearts and the lenses A-mount lives on in the Sony dSLR Alpha line. Revive your memories or learn something new and we take a trip through camera history.

Glad that you are here.

This site is dedicated Minolta equipment from the dawn of the Maxxum (auto-focus) era to the present Sony digital single lens reflex cameras. I’ve included some film era and pre-Maxxum items as well for background and well, I am just fond of it.


One of the best things about the Sony/Minolta (A mount) system is that almost every Minolta auto focus lens made since 1985 will work with any of the Minolta cameras. Most lenses and flashes have long since disappeared from stores but many are available through eBay everyday and often at very good prices. In many cases there is no need to pay Sony’s outrageous prices for repackaged lenses!

Auto Focus

Minolta Maxxum denotes the Minolta A-mount, autofocus SLR camera system. Originally developed in 1985, it was one of the world’s first AF system and the first to really deliver on the promise. Although Pentax with the ME-F (1981) and Nikon with the F3AF (1983) beat Minolta out of the gate with functional AF systems, neither the Pentax or Nikon systems used the integrated and superior system that Minolta did. After the release of the Minolta 7000 and Maxxum system, all other major camera companies adopted the Minolta design. In the 1990’s AF system began to diversify but it seem fair to say that Minolta set the standard for modern AF.

The Sony Buy Out

In 2006 Sony purchased camera technology from Konica-Minolta and retained the A-mount system for their own line of Alpha dSLRs. At first there was great concern with the future of the system and usefulness of old Minolta lenses but at time proved, the classic Minolta lenses are as great today as they were when released.