I started photography when my grandfather gave me his old Konica rangefinder. I never gave much thought to what a great camera it was, I just took pictures and liked them. It was a simple time for photography – no web forums, no upgrade-itise – at most there were mail order catalogs to pour over. When I was in high school I took a picture of myself in the mirror while on vacation with my parents (my first selfie!). I still love this photo in part because it an example of Don Draper’s Time Machine sales pitch, but also because my step-dad told me, “It’s too dark to take a picture, it will never come out.”

Eventually the old Konica broke down and moved on but my love ph photography never ended. More any accident thing anything else I ended up picking up an old Minolta 700si. eBay was full of Minolta listing and before long I had a sizable of the classic lenses. At times I would buy a camera package in order to get just one of the lenses. I’d resell the other equipment from the package and soon realized that there was money to be made flipping cameras, lenses and flashes. After a few years of buying and selling my professional job start to become more demanding and eBay’s policies less favorable and I called it quits. I still have an absurd number of cameras and lenses which someday I will find a new home for.
This site is the collection of my knowledge (or at least what I’ve managed to record here). I hope that you find it helpful.