Minolta 3600HS Flash

This is exactly the same as the Sony HVL-F36AM with a different badge on it. Some spec and operation. It was a popular, inexpensive lower power, high speed program flash. Ebay prices are typically $150-200 (Sep 2007). Works well for product photography, small events and as a secondary flash.

Keep in mind you can buy a new Sony HVL-F36AM for $200 so don’t pay more than that!

Sony HVL-F36AM

The Sony HVL-F36AM is identical to the old Minolta 3600HS. Take a look at the 3600HS listings for possible bargains.

It is an excellent flash that is compatible with the Konica-Minolta and Sony dSLRs.

Sells new for about $200! Don’t pay more than that!