The Minolta 5600HS is an excellent powerful flash from Minolta history. It featured an excellent wireless flash system, a rotating head, auto-zoom (24mm-85mm) and included a wide angle (17mm) adapter. It has had nice manual options. With much of Minolta’s equipment, the “D” represents their “distance encoding” technology. This system is especially helpful with flashes. You may see it noted as HSD or HS (D) – same thing.

Exactly the same as the Sony HVL-F56AM. A powerful flash for virtually any situation. These should become great bargains as prices drop.

Sony HVL-F56AM

The Sony HVL-F56AM is identical to the old Minolta 5600HS. Not too many people look for it on eBay, so it can sometimes find a really good deal. However it is also fairly new, so it doesn’t show up too often. It is an excellent flash that is compatible with the Konica-Minolta & Sony dSLRs.