The Minolta 85mm f1.4 is one of the great Minolta legends. It even lives up to its reputation as an exceptional, sharp and fast portrait lens. On a crop sensor camera, it becomes about 127mm, close to the classic 135mm length. Depth of field at the usable f1.4 aperture is razor thin and keeping what you want in focus can take a steady hand and subject. Beautiful creamy out of focus areas, gorgeous colors and a fine sharp lens make it one of the most sought after of the G lenses.

The Minolta 85mm lens came in 5 versions.
<li>The original <strong>”non-g”</strong>. G quality, but not marked as that way.</li>
<li>Next it was promoted to <strong>”G”</strong> and it added a gold band around it to signify its rank. This version and those that follow had a focus lock button on the lens.</li>
<li>Next was the restyled version, the 85mm <strong>G RS</strong>. This version incorporated a new coating and all followed it also used.</li>
<li>Finally, the <strong>”G(D)” aka “GD”</strong> was released with ADI distance encoding for improved flash p[performance.</li>
All of these version are optically exceptional and price and condition should be your main concern.