Several pages of the site have been updated. A few cosmetic changes and an addition of a resource box for important pages with links to reference materials, eBay auction for price checks and equipment reviews. I believe that the inclusion of the resource box will make each reference page far more useful. As time goes by I will updated every page but it takes quite a bit of time to gather the needed information. Most recent updated were the Minolta 7000 film camera and 50mm f1.7 lens pages. These are some of the most popular on the site so I decided to attend to them first.

A nifty resource I found when doing research was the “70 years of Minolta” post on Photo Club Alpha posted in 2008. Well worth checking out. It details each of the cameras on the 70th Anniversary of Minolta poster.

IN 1998 Minolta published, for their 70th anniversary, a large poster featuring all the landmark cameras from their own museum and employee collections. Many of the cameras shown – all fairly small on the poster – were well used and worn examples.